Turkmenistan Plans to Create Powerful Bio-industry Sector

Turkmenistan intends to create a powerful bio-industry sector in all areas of biotechnology, Turkmenportal reports. President Serdar Berdimuhamedov signed a decree approving the State Program for comprehensive development of biotechnology in Turkmenistan for 2024-2028. Under the program, it is planned to implement priority innovation and investment projects, and widely deploy production in all sectors of bio-industry – from bio-pharmaceuticals to bio-chips.

“The country’s Academy of Sciences is already conducting topical developments in dozens of areas. In bio-pharmaceuticals, the medicinal properties of local plants are being studied. In food biotechnology, the production of fortified foods and drinks is underway. Agricultural biotechnology is being developed to increase crop yields. Scientists are working on biosensors and bio-chips for personalized medicine, bio-fuels and biodegradable materials. Microorganisms for soil bio-remediation are being studied. Turkmen know-how in the field of biotechnology is already attracting scientific interest in the world,” the outlet said.

The Presidential Decree also provides for a plan of measures to implement the State Program, which will be implemented by the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan, relevant ministries and departments. The main purpose of the new document is to integrate science into the development of different sectors of the economy, stimulate the production of environmentally-friendly, energy-saving, import-substituting and export-oriented goods, and the formation of a competitive national bio-industry in the future.


Times of Central Asia