Uzbekistan’s Soaring Air Transit Potential

photo: Uzbekistan Ministry of Transport

Located at the heart of Central Asia, Uzbekistan offers great potential for air transit.

According to the Transport Ministry of Uzbekistan, the country’s airspace transit routes comprise a 60% flow between Southeast Asia and Europe; 20% between the Middle East and China, Korea, and Japan; 10% between the Middle East and Russia; and 10% between Southeast Asia and Canada and the USA.

The State Unitary Enterprise Uzaeronavigation, operating under the Ministry of Transport and responsible for air traffic control in Uzbekistan, currently serves over 500 airlines from around the world.

As evidenced by the growth of traffic in the Uzbek airspace, routes through Uzbekistan are becoming increasingly profitable for many countries’ air carriers.

Last year, Uzaeronavigation served 188 thousand flights, including 143 thousand by foreign airlines.

Between January and April 2024, over 74 thousand flights were serviced in Uzbekistan’s airspace, an increase of 30% compared to the first quarter of 2023. Flights operated by Uzbek airlines rose by 42% to over 17 thousand, and those operated by foreign airlines increased by 26% to 56 thousand.





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