Kazakhstan to repair about 1,500 km of roads annually until 2020


ASTANA (TCA) — In the period of 2015-2016, within the framework of the Nurly Zhol program, 1,300 km of motor roads were reconstructed in Kazakhstan, Chairman of the Roads Committee of the Ministry for Investments and Development Mereke Pshembayev told a briefing on December 25, the official website of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan reported.

“The traffic on the Western Europe-Western China transit corridor, the Astana-Temirtau, Almaty-Kapshagai, Kapshagai-Balpyk bi, Beineu-Shetpe and Kokshetau-Petropavlovsk road sections are completely open. The construction of the largest bridge in Central Asia through the Irtysh river in Pavlodar with a length of 12 km has also been completed,” the Committee chairman said.

This year, the construction work continues on the projects Center-South at the Temirtau-Karaganda section, within the Center-East project at the Astana-Pavlodar-Semey-Kalbatau, Beineu-Aktau, Aktobe-Atyrau, Kapshagai-Taldykorgan, Astana-Petropavlovsk and Uralsk-Kamenka with a total length of 1.2 thousand km.

Also, in order to develop the country’s transport potential, together with the leading international financial institutions, it is planned to implement 12 projects with a length of more than 3 thousand km, which will ensure the growth of economic activity in the country’s regions.

Under the program, it is planned to repair about 1,500 km annually until 2020.

Pshembayev also said that until 2020, it is planned to gradually introduce a toll system on the sections of highways that have been reconstructed, with a length of 6,500 km. By 2020, the annual revenue from toll road sections will be about 30 billion tenge.

Sergey Kwan