Kazakhstan’s Constitution Now Published in Braille


The Kazakh Constitutional Court has presented the first edition of the country’s Constitution printed in Braille, making it accessible to the visually-impaired.

The initiative to translate copy of Kazakhstan’s Basic Law into Braille (relief-dot tactile font) was realized with support from the OSCE Program Office in Astana and the Ministry of Culture and Information.

Welcoming the move, Chair of the Constitutional Court of Kazakhstan Elvira Azimova stated: “The Constitutional Court will continue to promote equality, dignity, and justice for everyone according to the Constitution of Kazakhstan and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The publication of the Braille text of the Constitution is our joint contribution to promoting this policy.”

Volker Frobart, Head of the OSCE Programme Office in Astana, emphasized the Kazakh authorities’ commitment to valuing human rights  and demonstrating an inclusive approach to ensure equal access to information.

Publications in Braille will be distributed  to 56 institutions, including national and regional libraries, training centers, and specialized schools.

According to the World Health Organization,  Kazakhstan is currently home to 160 thousand visually- impaired citizens.