Former Employee of Academy of Sciences Detained in Kyrgyzstan


Human rights activist Gulshayyr Abdirasulova has reported on social media that Zhomart Karabayev, a former employee of the Academy of Sciences in Kyrgyzstan, has been detained by officers of the SCNC (State Committee for National Security). According to Abdirasulova, Karabayev had openly expressed his disagreement with the activities of special services and refused to participate in expert examinations in multiple cases.

“Zhomart Karabayev, a former employee of the NAS (National Academy of Sciences), has repeatedly stated that the NAS provides its’ expertise on [criminal cases] under the dictation of special services. He also stated this at the trial of Olzhobai Shakir (who was sentenced to five years in prison in May this year in a case pertaining to the preparation for mass riots – ed.). Now, he has been taken away by GKNB officers. Is this what they want? To investigate themselves? Or should the young man be jailed for his statement about breaking the law? We are waiting for the official position of the SCNS,” Abdirasulova wrote. “The lawyer said that Zhomart is suspected of committing an act under Article 278 part 3 of the Criminal Code – calls for mass riots. The lawyer believes there are no grounds for suspicion of committing this crime and hopes the case will be dropped. Zhomart remains in the [custody of the] SCNS until the measure of restraint is considered“.

According to local media, Karabayev was summoned to the SCNS for questioning yesterday, and was not released following interrogation.