John Deere to supply 1,350 units of agriculture machinery to Turkmenistan by 2020


ASHGABAT (TCA) — The first batch of about 50 new John Deere W540 grain combine harvesters have arrived in Turkmenistan, and will be used during the upcoming harvesting campaign, the State News Agency of Turkmenistan reported.

John Deere combine harvesters have been working in Turkmenistan’s fields for many years. The first batch, about 50 combine harvesters improved as requested by Turkmen customers, will be distributed among farms throughout the country. Soon, by the start of the grain harvesting season, another batch of over 100 units of high capacity equipment will arrive in the country.

The next step involves the supply of 400 units of John Deere 8245R tractors before the harvesting season in June-July. Some 200 units of John Deere 9970 cotton combine harvesters are expected to be supplied by the beginning of the cotton harvesting campaign in August-September. Just as many combines of this design will arrive in Turkmenistan for the 2018 harvesting campaign.

By 2020 John Deere International GmbH will supply to Turkmenistan a total of 1,350 units of modern equipment in three stages. In addition to that, under the relevant agreement, large batches of ploughs, seed planters, spare parts, components and consumables will be supplied.

Equipment maintenance works are conducted both locally and in service centers established in every province.

According to Turkmen farmers, the machinery has proven itself reliable in Turkmenistan’s natural (soil, climate) conditions.

Sergey Kwan