Afghanistan: Daesh is another instrument of Pakistan’s army, ex-Indian envoy says


KABUL (TCA) — Former Indian ambassador to Afghanistan, Amar Sinha, says that Daesh (Islamic State or IS) in Afghanistan is a tool of the Pakistani army which has been fabricated to put pressure on the Afghan government and on the Taliban if the group eventually gets reintegrated and mainstreamed in the structure of the Afghan government, Afghan broadcaster TOLOnews reported.

Talking to TOLOnews, the former Indian envoy said that assessments which are carried out by the Afghan institutions have found that over 70 percent of Daesh fighters [in Afghanistan] are coming from Pakistan’s tribal regions.

“Now the thing is, is it the new version of Taliban when the Taliban gets reintegrated, mainstreamed? Is this new terror group another instrument of Pak[istan] military policy? My hunch is yes. But I guess more research will have to be done by intelligence agencies and we have to look carefully at the origin, at the source of funding and the source of support,” he explained.

Sinha confirmed that some Indian citizens had also joined Daesh, adding that the Afghan government extradited some of these militants back to their home country.

Pakistan has always denied claims of supporting or sponsoring Daesh in Afghanistan.

Sergey Kwan