Europe-Uzbekistan Association for Economic Cooperation Launched in Tashkent

The Tashkent based Europe-Uzbekistan Association for Economic Cooperation (EUROUZ) was officially launched on December 5th. Speaking at the inauguration event, Charlotte Adriaen, the EU Ambassador to Uzbekistan, said that the EU has been supporting the establishment of a Europe-Uzbekistan business association for years.

“We believe that the inclusion of EUROUZ in the worldwide European Business Organizations network will encourage more business exchanges between Europe and Uzbekistan, and in turn strengthen our partnership,” Adriaen said, noting that the EU supports the ambitious path of reforms Uzbekistan has embarked on, and will continue to assist the country with all tools, one of which is GSP+ (the EU’s Generalised Scheme of Preferences).

The ambassador also presented areas of opportunity for Uzbekistan’s exporters to improve their access to the EU market. “As we anticipate growth in the production of machinery, automotive, hi-tech goods and medical equipment, the demand will increase for various electronic sub-components and metal parts,” she said. “Moreover, as both the EU and Uzbekistan are transitioning to a greener economy, there is another sector of opportunity that could further boost exports from Uzbekistan to the EU, including supplies of critical raw materials.”

The EU ambassador added that 2024 will be a year marked by high-level visits, including the first ever EU-Central Asia Summit, which is planned to be hosted in Uzbekistan.