Hungarian Company to Develop Smart Parking for Tashkent


Specialists from Hungary will create an automated “smart” parking system in Tashkent. The issues of establishing cooperation and realizing investment projects in road and urban infrastructure were discussed at a meeting between Uzbekistan’s Ambassador to Hungary, Oybek Shakhavdinov, and Gabor Pusztai, Advisor to the General Director of the iCell company.

The parties conferred on the Hungarian group’s work on a project to help establish parking management within the fast-growing city of Tashkent. The system involves introducing and using high-tech sensors and mobile applications to find, reserve, and pay for parking spaces.

iCell’s specialists have been working for over a year on studying possible options for the effective implementation of the project and preparing a package based on the conditions and specifics of the capital of Uzbekistan. It was stated that an essential point in implementing the project is introducing changes to the republic’s current legislation regarding administrative sanctions for offenses and  articles which provide a clear understanding of the rights and obligations of road users.

iCell specializes in software development and services in various technological and telecommunication sectors. The company’s main activities and services include fleet management, intelligent parking solutions, IT services, energy and infrastructure management, and application development for various industries.