Soyuz Launch Successful

ALMATY, Kazakhstan – A Soyuz spacecraft is in orbit with three crew-members from Russia, Belarus and the United States after launching from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

The Soyuz is scheduled to dock at the International Space Station on Monday. Aboard are mission commander Oleg Novitsky of Russian space agency Roscosmos (his fourth trip to space), Belarusian Marina Vasilevskaya (her first trip) and NASA’s Tracy Caldwell Dyson (her third).

The launch went smoothly from the Russia-operated site in southern Kazakhstan on Saturday. A previously planned launch was aborted with seconds to lift-off Thursday because of a technical problem.

Coordination between the U.S. and Russian space agencies has continued despite international tension over the war in Ukraine.

As previously reported by TCA, the launch was scheduled for the 21st, but was scrapped due to a “voltage drop in the chemical current source.”