Tokayev Announces Referendum on New Power Plant


Kazakhstan’s President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has announced a referendum on constructing a nuclear power plant. The popular vote will be held in the fall of this year.

“You know that economic development is impossible without a stable energy supply. Therefore, I was tasked to work on constructing a nuclear power plant. A wide discussion is underway, and different points of view are being expressed. Mass media should also take an active part in this process,” Tokayev said during a speech at a ceremony to honor journalists.

He noted that Kazakhstan has excellent opportunities to develop nuclear energy.

“It is important to use them correctly and effectively. The people will decide on this issue, and the referendum will be held this fall. The government will determine the exact date,” Tokayev said.

Kazakhstan’s intentions to build a nuclear power plant have been discussed for years. The Ulken settlement, located on the shore of Lake Balkhash, is tentatively chosen as the site.