Kazatomprom Qualifies for Production of Advanced Nuclear Fuel

Photo: Kazatomprom

Kazakhstan’s National Atomic Company, Kazatomprom, the world’s largest producer of uranium, says it has successfully completed the qualification process for the production of AFA 3G TM type A fuel assemblies at the Kazakh-Chinese Joint Venture, Ulba-FA LLP, which produces nuclear fuel for Chinese nuclear power plants. A document confirming the technical compliance of the product with all the mandatory quality requirements, norms and standards was provided by Framatome, the holder of technology.

Work on the qualification for fuel assemblies’ production started in March 2023. As a result, the plant successfully received confirmation on the quality of its products. The qualification allows the plant to produce AFA 3G TM type A fuel assemblies, in addition to AFA 3G TM AA fuel assemblies, thus expanding the product line, Kazatomprom said.

In 2024, Kazatomprom plans to commission industrial production of AFA 3GTM type A fuel assemblies and supply a batch of fuel assemblies of this type to nuclear power plants in China.

The Ulba-FA plant has allowed Kazatomprom to diversify its production, expanding its product line and producing advanced, export-oriented uranium products with a high added value. With a production capacity of 200 tons of uranium in the form of fuel assemblies per year, the Ulba-FA plant has a guaranteed sales market for the next 20 years, Kazatomprom said. The launch of this innovative production has allowed Kazakhstan to enter the limited circle of countries which produce and supply nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants.