Kazatomprom Changes Work Plan for 2024

Photo: BNN Bloomberg

The National Atomic Company of Kazakhstan, Kazatomprom has announced that it was forced to make changes to its production plan for the current year. The main reason for the changes was a reduction in the supply of substances needed for uranium mining in Kazakhstan. In addition, it is reported that the heads of the nuclear company recognized the impossibility of implementing the approved plans to create the infrastructure necessary for new mines. The news was published by the official press service of the National Atomic Company.

In 2022, the management of Kazatomprom announced the successful conclusion of a number of contracts and laid out a plan to increase uranium production over the next 2-3 years. In figures, it was set to produce 80% of the subsoil use contracts in 2023, and 90% in 2024.

However, it became clear that these plans were not feasible due to concerns about increasing production. They were also rendered impossible due to changes in global imports, meaning Kazakhstan was unable to establish a supply chain of key materials and reagents for the plant, and alternative sources of necessary materials are yet to be found.

Kazatomprom’s press service also reported that a shortage of sulfuric acid is expected in 2024.

The management of the National Atomic Company reports that it hopes to fulfill all its obligations to customers and will make every effort to do so. However, the 2025 development plan may also be revised if the supply problem persists.

Changes to the current year’s plan will be submitted by February 1st.