Rice Production on the Rise in Turkmenistan


According to the publication ‘ Turkmenistan Golden Age’, over 8,000 hectares of rice were planted in the north of Turkmenistan this year.

In response to a marked increase in the state’s purchase price , farmers in the Toshkhovuz region are actively expanding rice cultivation with the greatest volume being grown on two specialized farms in the Saparmurod Turkmanboshi district.

Thanks to the rice cleaning enterprise built several years ago in the territory  and specialized equipment provided by the renowned brand Satake,  high-quality seed material is available to all of the region’s rice farms. At the root of this year’s harvest are disease-resistant, and excellent-tasting “Nöküs-2” and “Bereket” varieties.

Rice cultivation is traditional to northern Turkmenistan.

A leader in the field, the Dashoguz province produces over 35,000 tons of different varieties per year. Farmers in the Lebap region planted rice on more than 10,000 hectares in 2023, of which 50,000 tons went to the state, and  farmers in Chorjevo  harvested over 15 thousand tons from 3,800 hectares.