U.S. Blacklists Uzbek Nationals Due to ISIS Connections


The U.S. State Department, in agreement with the Republic of Turkey, has announced that it added a number of individuals to the “blacklist” of the ISIS terrorist group.

The department recognized the leader of ISIS in Georgia, Adam Khamirzayev, as a “global terrorist.”

All three members of the ISIS-related smuggling network have been identified as terrorists, and all three of them are from Uzbekistan:

  • Muhammadyusuf Alisher Ogli Mirzoev is a Uzbekistani national involved in work to establish an ISIS-linked “military” training camp in mid-2023. Mirzoev is also being designated by the Government of Turkey.
  • Muhammad Ibrohimjon Niyazov is a Uzbekistani national and a supporter of the ISIS-linked smuggling network. Niyazov has provided administrative and logistics support for ISIS members in Turkey. Niyazov is also being designated by the Government of Turkey.
  • Olimkhon Makhmudjon Ugli Ismailov is based in Uzbekistan and is a member of the ISIS-linked smuggling network.

Internal measures are being taken against all of the men in Turkey.

As stated in the report, any U.S. or foreign persons who engages in certain transactions with these individuals may be exposed to sanctions, including under secondary sanctions authorities.