Virtual Academy on Countering Corruption to Start Work in Uzbekistan

On January 1, 2025, Uzbekistan will launch the Virtual Academy on Combating Corruption. This electronic platform aims to continuously improve the knowledge of both civil servants and the public about fighting corruption. According to the press service of the Anti-Corruption Agency, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev has signed a decree to this effect.

The decree outlines priority areas for continuously enhancing knowledge about combating corruption. These priorities include raising legal awareness and culture, fostering societal resistance to corruption, and instilling values of integrity in the younger generation. In addition, it aims to improve the knowledge, skills, and qualifications of employees responsible for combating corruption, and those in civil service positions that are most exposed to risks associated with corruption.

The system also includes assessing and certifying civil servants’ anti-corruption knowledge and maintaining a register of those who have received certification. The Anti-Corruption Agency and the Law Enforcement Academy will organize and conduct training activities in the virtual academy.

In addition to civil servants, the virtual academy is open to business entities, representatives of non-governmental, non-profit organizations, and other civil society institutions, students of educational organizations, and employees of enterprises with state participation. Training is organized into introductory and special courses. Basic courses will be free for all users, and advanced training in special classes will be on a paid contract basis.

Training will be mandatory for civil servants, who will have to take the course within three months of being hired. The periodicity of civil servants’ professional development will be at least once every three years. For other categories, training will be voluntary.