Week of Italian language to be held in Bishkek

BISHKEK (TCA) — The Embassy of Switzerland in the Kyrgyz Republic and the Honorary Consulate of Italy on the occasion of the Italian Language in the world week 2016 have announced a movie screening to be held on 21st October 2016 in Bishkek.

The Week of Italian language in the World has been created back in 2001 by the “Accademia della Crusca”, the Italian linguistic association, to promote the Italian language through variegated cultural activities during the month of October.

The events are organised on a worldwide scale in co-operation with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs through the engagement of their Embassies and Consulates.

The Swiss Embassy in Bishkek has joined the recurrence in Kyrgyzstan to showcase Switzerland character of multilingual and multicultural country being Italian one of its official languages.

The Swiss-Italian movie “Marcello, Marcello” will be shown in the cinema “Rossiya” on 21st of October at 18:00.

The movie will be shown in Italian language with Russian subtitles.

Free tickets can be obtained by phone (0312) 660167.

“Marcello, Marcello” is a 2008 romantic comedy whose action is taking place in Italy in 1956. In the picturesque island of Amatrello, a unique custom keeps the young men of the village busy: when a girl turns eighteen, every boy is invited to bring a gift for her first date. However the gift is not for the girl, but for the father… who will ultimately determine which boy takes her on her first date! Eighteen-year-old fisherman’s son Marcello doesn’t care about this tradition until he sets eyes on the enchanting Elena, the daughter of the Mayor, who has returned to the island and – according to the tradition – has come of age. As time runs out and competition rises, Marcello comes up with the perfect gift for the Mayor. But getting that gift isn’t easy — he is forced to barter with the entire village, as everyone seems to want something from someone else. Marcello’s frantic quest ensues, evolving into a process of reconciliation among the village’s inhabitants.


Times of Central Asia