Afghanistan will not negotiate with Islamic State and other foreign militants


KABUL (TCA) — Afghanistan’s High Peace Council (HPC) will not hold any talks with Daesh (Islamic State) militants and foreign fighters who fight against government forces and are trying to destabilize the country, an official of the Council said on April 20, TOLOnews reported.

The HPC spokesman Ehsan Taheri said the only option for Daesh and foreign fighters is to leave Afghanistan.

“Any foreign fighter or Afghan fighter who consistently kill Afghan people and receive orders from outside, we do not negotiate with them, but our security forces will respond them on the frontlines,” said Taheri.

One member of Wolesi Jirga, Lower House of Afghan Parliament, meanwhile said the foreign fighters in Afghanistan are backed and being sent to Afghanistan by some neighboring countries and that they carry a proxy war here.

“How long Afghans should suffer proxy wars? Daesh, Taliban and any other insurgent groups are a threat in the region,” said Helai Irshad, an MP from Kabul.

Another MP, Khalid Pashtun, said counterterrorism laws should be revised and that security forces and judicial organizations should be given more authorities to combat foreign fighters in Afghanistan.

“When nationals of a country fights in another country, a separate law should be prepared for them and it should be very strict,” Pashtun said.

According to security agencies’ statistics, currently, in addition to the Taliban, at least 20 groups of foreign fighters are active in the country and are supported by some groups from outside the country.

Sergey Kwan