Almaty hosts Kazakhstan-Thailand business forum


ALMATY (TCA) — A Kazakh-Thai business forum was held in Almaty, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Kazakhstan and the Almaty Council of Businesswomen, the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan reported on July 1.

Heads of large food, cosmetic, SPA and detergent companies, and companies producing automotive parts took part in the forum. The purpose of the forum was to develop trade relations and establish joint ventures in Kazakhstan.

“Today, the forum features 16 Thai companies engaged in the manufacturing industry and services. Judging by the pace of negotiations and the number of participants, we can say that the interest of the parties is very big. Most recently, with the support of the Tourism Department of the Embassy of Thailand, we brought to Astana a business delegation in the field of tourism. We would be happy to share with you the experience, as in the tourist industry we have something to be proud of. I hope for further development of bilateral relations,” said Commercial Secretary of the Royal Thai Embassy Kittinand Nyingcharoven.

Businesswoman Sarawan Angsantikul from Bangkok brought to Kazakhstan the latest collection of perfumes and fragrances. “We export perfume products to Dubai, Africa, Philippines, and Russia. We are in Kazakhstan for the first time. Our company has been on the market for 40 years, and we hope that our products will please the Kazakhstani buyer,” Angsantikul said.

“Within the framework of today’s forum, the parties intend to develop joint projects, open new production facilities. Today women’s entrepreneurship occupies a large share. In this sense, women are very flexible, despite the economic situation, they are actively finding new ways to develop their business,” said Akerkin Eralieva, deputy chairperson of the Council of Businesswomen of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Almaty.

Sergey Kwan