Campuses of Three Foreign Universities to Open in Kazakhstan

Student campuses of three major foreign universities will open in Kazakhstan. Branches of the British De Montfort and Coventry universities will appear in Almaty and Astana, and a branch of South Korean university, Woosong, will be located in Turkestan. This was announced by the Minister of Science and Higher Education of Kazakhstan, Sayasat Nurbek, at a press conference of the SCC.

According to him, the agency plans to turn Kazakhstan into a major academic center of the Eurasian region, making it necessary to attract established foreign brands to the country.

Nurbek stated that “23 academic partnerships have been created and opened in just two years. Campuses of 3 reputable foreign universities will open in Kazakhstan in 5 categories. We have permitted foreign universities in Kazakhstan to invest their money in constructing or purchasing a building and training in a foreign format. They work according to special decrees of the government, such as De Montfort University in Almaty. Next year, the first graduates will be there. This British university will award a bachelor’s degree based on its format and academic admission policy.”

Having received a foreign degree, graduates of these educational institutions will then be able to work in the university’s country of origin.