Czech business willing to invest in Afghanistan


KABUL (TCA) — Czech business people are interested in investing in more than 100 projects in Afghanistan and have submitted their investment plans to the Afghan government, Afghanistan’s TOLOnews agency reported.


A number of businessmen from the Czech Republic have shown an “increasing willingness” to resume their previous projects as well as kick start new investments in Afghanistan, the International Chamber of Commerce country director Abdul Qadir Bahman said on April 15.

“The [Afghan] Government should use these opportunities to attract the attention of big Czech companies towards investment in Afghanistan,” Bahman said.

Collecting and processing garbage, generating power from wind, solar energy and garbage, investment in production of cement and other construction materials are included in the draft plans proposed to the Afghan government by Czech businessmen.

Meanwhile, Suhrab Bahman, spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Economy, said the Czech businessmen are interested in taking part in reconstruction of the projects which were executed by the Czech Republic ahead of the wars in Afghanistan.

“An Afghan-Czech consortium which is made up of 15 companies has invested in different fields in the past few years. We will assess the plans which have been submitted to the Afghan government by Czech companies,” Bahman said.

The Afghan-Czech consortium was established in 2002.

Electric buses, which were active before the war in the country, as well as a factory for processing semi-precious stones, are among the most important projects implemented by the Czech and Slovak republics in Afghanistan.

Sergey Kwan