First ‘clean zone’ for female convicts will be constructed in Kyrgyzstan

BISHKEK (TCA) — The Central Asia Drug Action Programme’s (CADAP) representatives last week met with Taalaybek Zhaparov, the Chairman of the State Service on Execution of Punishments under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic to discuss the preparations for the construction of the “Clean zone” for convicted women in the women’s correctional institution No. 2, where it is planned to support and rehabilitate those who made a choice to quit drug use.

In a living block designed to accommodate 30 people, the trained staff, social workers and psychologists will work with the prisoners. With the support of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, it is planned to rehabilitate a living block, and build a checkpoint and a greenhouse. The greenhouse is planned to be linked to vocational training purposes, and will also provide fresh vegetables. CADAP Project Leader, Ernest Robello, noted with satisfaction that all paper and bureaucratic procedures had been completed, and CADAP announced a tender for the construction works at the “Clean zone”.

All the costs related to the design and construction will be borne by CADAP, which plans to invest about 100 thousand Euros. The project site is planned to be constructed by spring of 2018.

CADAP 6 supports the “Atlantis” drug treatment programmes in the prison system in Kyrgyzstan. The “Clean Zones” and “Atlantis” centres were introduced within the CADAP previous phases with the EU financial support. Trained professionals from the public health system, social workers and psychologists work with patients. Clients come to the Clean Zone voluntarily and are located in a separate building, which is equipped and supplied to carry out rehabilitation.

Sergey Kwan