Migration from Turkmenistan on the rise as economic woes persist

ASHGABAT (TCA) — Turkmenistan’s nationals ranked second in the rating of immigrants to Belarus, independent foreign-based news website Chronicles of Turkmenistan reported with reference to the data published in the “Annual demographic report of the Republic of Belarus-2019,” published by Belarus Statistics Office.

The largest number of immigrants to Belarus comes from Russia — 7,040 citizens of Russia moved to Belarus in 2018.

Turkmenistan’s nationals rank second in the migration rating with 4,001 people moving to Belarus in 2018. The source assumes that these are primarily Turkmen students, which make up the largest group of international students in Belarus. According to Belarus statistics office, some 7.7 thousand citizens of Turkmenistan studies in Belarus higher educational establishments last year.

A source in Turkmenistan’s Migration Office told Chronicles of Turkmenistan that about 500,000 Turkmenistan’s nationals reside outside the country.

The main reason for labor migration from Turkmenistan is the ongoing economic crisis in the gas-rich country.

Chronicles of Turkmenistan also reported that paramedics and nursing staff are leaving Turkmenistan. They prefer to be employed as migrant workers in Turkey rather than work in hospitals in their home country. This results in a shortage of nurses in Turkmenistan.

Nurses with diplomas and work experience are employed in Turkey with a monthly salary of $550 excluding accommodation and meals. If a nurse has worked for 3-4 years in a family and has proved herself to be a good worker, her salary can be increased to $800 — a salary that the nurses of Ashgabat clinics cannot even dream of.


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