Qatar Charity launches healthcare, development projects in Kyrgyzstan


BISHKEK (TCA) — Qatar Charity has launched a number of development projects in the Jalalabad province in south Kyrgyzstan, Qatar’s The Peninsula newspaper reported on August 24.

The projects, launched in the presence of a number of local officials, include a health centre and a mosque, as well as the distribution of guarantees for 200 orphans, and the provision of ambulances to a number of clinics in the country.

The health centre serves 500 displaced families who have returned to build their modest homes, which have been destroyed by landslides and floods in earlier periods, Qatar Charity said.

Qatar Charity also said that the centre, which contributes to the strengthening of health services in the province of Jalalabad, is composed of maternity clinics, dentistry and abdominal clinics.

During a ceremony held in Jalalabad, Qatar Charity also distributed guarantees for some 200 orphans, along with medical examinations and follow-up of their educational status by social researchers.

During the ceremony, local actors praised Qatar’s humanitarian role throughout the world, while students drew paintings about Kyrgyzstan nature and wrote: “Thank you Qatar.”

Qatar Charity recently handed over three ambulances to three medical clinics of the Kyrgyz Ministry of Health in different parts of the country, which would help 15,000 people access to medical centres.

Qatar Charity’s projects in Kyrgyzstan include economic empowerment, education and social welfare.

Sergey Kwan