Tajikistan: Caritas Germany, with EU financial support, organizes summer camp for children with disabilities


GULISTON, Tajikistan (TCA) — Within the Project on supporting civil society in applying community based rehabilitation for people with disabilities in Tajikistan’s Ayni district, which is funded by the European Union and Caritas Germany and is implemented with support of the Local Government Authority of Ayni district and in close cooperation with partner Public Organizations ASTI and DARO, 70 children with disabilities, their parents and community rehabilitation workers from Ayni district were brought together in Shohin sanatorium to have a one-week recreation, Caritas Germany said on August 29.

The children with disabilities who had never been out of their district except going to hospitals and in most cases remain at home due to their visual, hearing, speech, mobility and intellectual impairments really enjoyed their time in summer camp. The recreational program mainly included morning exercises, drawing, applique, bead weaving, pottery, swimming, poem recitation, singing, dancing, sport competitions and many other cultural, sport and art activities. Moreover, psychological consultations on proper upbringing of children with disabilities were provided for parents during quiet hours.

At the farewell party conducted in the evening of the last day, the children with disabilities and their parents demonstrated their hand-made products, recited poems, sang songs and performed dances and shows learned and prepared while being in summer camp and were awarded with gifts and certificates of recognition for their active participation in activities.

Inclusion of children with disabilities in society, development of children’s skills and promotion of peer support as well as improvement of their parents’ caring skills was the main goal of the summer camp.

Since 2010, with financial support of the European Union and Caritas Germany, two projects were successfully implemented in Vahdat city and Devashtich district and two more projects are currently implemented in Shahrituz and Ayni districts, which are aimed at improving the quality of the life and social inclusion of persons with disabilities through the implementation of community-based rehabilitation program.

Sergey Kwan