Turkmenistan: customs prohibits imports of hair colors and dyes


ASHGABAT (TCA) — The customs of Turkmenistan has prohibited the import of blond hair colors as well as highlighting and hair bleaching chemicals, the independent foreign-based news website Chronicles of Turkmenistan reports.

The import of materials for lash and nail extensions has also been banned.

This provoked a 50% increase in the price of beauty products available in Turkmenistan.

Moreover, starting from April the remainder of hair bleaching chemicals, nail gels and other similar merchandise will be eliminated from the counters of Turkmen stores.

Starting from March, women employed by state agencies and organizations in the Turkmen capital Ashgabat have been “recommended” not to use nail polish, not to have nail and lash extensions, not to dye hair and wear gold jewelry items, Chronicles of Turkmenistan reported.

The website reported that officials of Ashgabat khyakimliks’ (municipal administration) offices visited hairdressers and beauty parlors in the capital city and “recommended” excluding nail and lash extensions and hair bleaching from the list of services they provide.

It is not the first unofficial restriction imposed on women in Turkmenistan. Earlier this year, the Chronicles of Turkmenistan reported that females who had obtained driving licenses over the past five years were requested to re-sit the driving test.

It was then reported that Turkmenistan’s road police stopped female drivers on the roads and confiscated their driving licenses, informing them that females were now forbidden to drive in Turkmenistan.

No written instructions or decrees were presented by police officers who referred to verbal instructions issued by higher-ranking authorities.

Sergey Kwan