Turkmenistan produces export-oriented oil products


ASHGABAT (TCA) — This March will mark one year since a facility for the production of high-octane gasoline A-98 (Euro-5 standard) was put into operation at Turkmenistan’s Seydi oil refinery, the Golden Age newspaper reports.

The American company Westport Trading Europe Limited put this modern production unit into operation. The design capacity of the facility is 500 thousand tons per year. It produces the fuel which is characterized by a lower content of sulfur and polycyclic aromatic carbohydrates, which increases the time and quality of car engines operation and significantly reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

“Forty people work in shifts here,” said Arslan Bekiyev, the new facility’s chief. “About half of them are specialists with higher education who graduated from universities in Turkmenistan and abroad.”

The commissioning of the unit for the production of Euro-5 gasoline reflects Turkmenistan’s policy for deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials and improvement of the environmental performance of fuels and lubricants derived from it. It also helps diversify the country’s oil and gas sector by producing export-oriented oil products with higher added value.

Today, products of the Seydi oil refinery are exported to neighboring Afghanistan.

Also, a modern plant for the production of road bitumen from the fuel oil produced at the enterprise was launched three years ago at the Seydi oil refinery. Its design capacity is over 37 thousand tons of high-quality import-substituting products. The project was part of the innovative development of the Seydi oil refinery.

Sergey Kwan