Uzbekistan to export eggs to Afghanistan


TASHKENT (TCA) — Eco Parranda Company from Uzbekistan’s Kashkadarya region and the Afghan Ixlos Ltd have signed a contract for the supply of more than seven million eggs to Afghanistan in 2017, the Jahon information agency reported.


The partners already have some successful experience of cooperation. Early this year, the Afghan side has purchased a batch of eggs for more than $107,000.

The company from Kashkadarya was founded five years ago. Today, it keeps 80,000 chickens of the ‘high-line’ breed, disease-resistant and highly productive.

“The entire process at our factory, ranging from feeding chickens to the collection of eggs, is automated,” says the Eco Parranda head Muhiddin Umidov. “We get an average of 10,000 eggs per day. We will soon complete the work on the implementation of an additional $1 million project. As a result, the number of poultry will increase by 120,000, and 30 new jobs will be created.”

Last year, the poultry industry of Kashkadarya region carried out a total of over 160 promising projects. Establishment of the new business entities that specialize in the procurement of eggs and chicken meat, expansion and upgrade of capacities of existing enterprises has been contributing to the further increase in productivity, reduction of production costs, and growth of exports. In 2016, this region of Uzbekistan exported eggs to foreign markets worth almost $200,000.

Sergey Kwan