Uzbekistan to introduce single brand for exported products


TASHKENT (TCA) — The government of Uzbekistan is considering introduction of a single export brand for its ‘Best in Uzbekistan’ products, the Jahon information agency reports.

The move is stipulated by a draft government decree on fundamental improvement of support for business development and business environment in Uzbekistan.

Many countries have long used the well-established practice of promoting high-quality products under a single country brand. It has been actively introduced by the CIS countries, for example, Russia. This approach allows minimizing manufacturers’ costs for marketing and advertising their goods in foreign markets through the partial transfer of this function to the state. As studies show, such steps will remarkably enhance the recognition and demand for Uzbek goods.

It is planned to involve the best domestic and foreign designers in the development of a new brand. An open bidding will be announced for all comers free of charge under the condition that the products meet high quality standards. The introduction of the brand creates certain risks, as unscrupulous manufacturers can deliver their products abroad. For this purpose, it is planned to introduce a certification procedure for the goods under a new brand, or require compliance with international standards or certificates.

In late July, Uzbekistan launched a new unified brand UzAgro for the export of all domestically produced fruit and vegetable products.

Sergey Kwan