45 new US Peace Corps volunteers arrive in Kyrgyzstan


BISHKEK (TCA) — The US Peace Corps in the Kyrgyz Republic said it will feature a Host Family Matching Ceremony on August 19 in Bishkek as 45 new Peace Corps Volunteers have arrived in Kyrgyzstan from the United States.

During the next two years, the new Volunteers will work with local English teachers in Kyrgyz Universities and secondary schools across Naryn, Issyk-Kul, Chui, Talas, Osh and Jalalabad supporting the goals of its partner — the Kyrgyz Ministry of Education and Science. In addition, the Volunteers work in their respective communities hosting English clubs and team-teaching supporting the development of improved methodologies and community projects.

These 45 trainees represent Americans diversity ranging in age from 21 to 48 and from Alaska to Hawaii to Massachusetts.

The Host Family Matching Ceremony begins the eleven weeks of intensive Kyrgyz language and cultural training before being assigned to their respective universities and secondary schools across Kyrgyzstan. The Volunteers will meet their families from villages of Issyk Ata and Sokuluk Rayons. Living with these host families and adapting to Kyrgyz culture is the most important aspect of training to be a successful volunteer. By eating, doing daily routines, playing with children, feeding animals, cleaning the house with a host family — these young men and women will begin to practice speaking and understanding Kyrgyz language. Their host families provide their first insights into Kyrgyz culture and daily life. Based on this learning they will gradually adjust and become prepared to serve as TEFL volunteers all across the Kyrgyz Republic.

Peace Corps will celebrate its 25th anniversary in the Kyrgyz Republic next year. More than 1,160 American Peace Corps Volunteers have served in the country.

Since President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps by executive order on March 1, 1961, more than 200,000 Americans have served in 140 host countries. Today, nearly 7,000 volunteers are working with local communities in 68 host countries. Peace Corps service is a 27-month commitment and the mission is to promote world peace and friendship and a better understanding between Americans and people of other countries.

Sergey Kwan