Bishkek Thermal Plant Set For Upgrade With Eurasian Development Bank Funds

The Eurasian Development Bank and JSC “Electric Stations” have signed an agreement to buy equipment for Bishkek’s thermal power plant.

The project, financed by the EDB’s Technical Assistance Fund, aims to prevent another accident at the plant, after a serious fault that occurred on 2 February this year. Five people were injured by the incident; schools and kindergartens in the capital were temporarily shut, and there were outages in heating and hot water for six days.

The new equipment will ensure a reliable and uninterrupted power supply for Bishkek residents, including heating and hot water, which were most affected in February. The EDB has commented: “The agreement provides for the purchase of the necessary equipment, including low-voltage switchgear that will protect against overloads and short circuits in the networks. The total funding for the project is about US$0.5 million. the total amount of financing for the project is about USD 0.5 million. The project is financed on the terms of irrevocable and non-repayable grant”.

The Bishkek thermal plant plays a key role in Kyrgyz life, generating 14% of all electricity in the country, and providing heat to almost two-thirds of the capital.

“We aim not only to restore the functioning of the energy infrastructure but also to improve conditions for the future development and modernization of the city’s energy supply system,” said the bank’s senior managing director Denis Ilyin.


Times of Central Asia