East Kazakhstan to offer unused agricultural land to investors


ASTANA (TCA) — An auction to sell irrigated farmland will take place in the East Kazakhstan province this May along with an agricultural investment forum with the participation of domestic and foreign investors, the official website of the East Kazakhstan governor reported.  

“In May it is necessary to conduct an auction to sell irrigated and other lands, and then to hold an agro-industrial investment forum on its basis,” the East Kazakhstan Governor Danial Akhmetov said. “Last year, the investment forum gave positive results. Unused land should be withdrawn and given to investors. At least 40,000 hectares of irrigated farmland should be offered for auction this year.”

The inventory conducted by local executive authorities of cities and districts in the East Kazakhstan province last year has revealed 984,300 hectares of unused land involved in the agricultural turnover in 2012-2014. Measures taken by the authorities have given positive results: land users have started using the land on the area of 453,900 hectares, 526,300 hectares have been restituted to the state, of which 403,600 hectares have been involved in the agricultural turnover, the website said.

“If such land is used inefficiently, there is the practice to transfer it to investors who are capable at their own expense to restore and to use this land fruitfully,” the head of the province’s Land Administration Konysbai Toleubekov said.

Sergey Kwan