Gazprom to Ensure Reliable Natural Gas Supplies to Central Asia

Alexei Miller. Photo:

Russian energy company Gazprom has agreed with partners in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Uzbekistan on fifteen-year contracts for natural gas supplies. The contracts are to be concluded in mid-2024 at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, Gazprom’s CEO, Alexey Miller said at the company’s meeting late in December.

Gazprom’s press service quoted Miller as saying that “reliable, stable deliveries under these contracts” to the Central Asian countries will begin on November 1st, 2025.

Miller also pointed out an increase in the current natural gas supplies to Uzbekistan. As winter frosts came at the beginning of December, Gazprom supplied twice as much gas to Uzbekistan as the company’s daily contractual obligations, Miller stated.

The Gazprom CEO also said that in just over three months in 2023, the idle gas transportation system, “Central Asia – Center,” was switched to work in reverse mode. Thanks to such joint work with our colleagues from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Miller said, we implemented this project in the shortest possible time, and this winter, these countries in Central Asia are more reliably provided with gas supplies.

In recent years, Uzbekistan’s natural gas industry has experienced problems due to the depletion of reserves at existing gas fields. This prompted Uzbekistan to start importing natural gas from Russia through Kazakhstan in 2023.

The Uzbek Statistics Agency said last month that natural gas production had fallen by more than 4.5 billion cubic meters from January-November 2023 as compared to the same period in the previous year. From January-November, 42.7 billion cubic meters of gas was produced, compared to 47.3 billion cubic meters in 2022.