Group-IB Opens First Digital Crime Resistance Center in Central Asia

TASHKENT – On December 26th, Group-IB, a leading force in cybersecurity technology combating digital crime, revealed the inauguration of its pioneering Digital Crime Resistance Center (DCRC) in Central Asia. Located in Tashkent, this state-of-the-art facility marks Group-IB’s expansion strategy, aimed at proactively confronting cyber threats worldwide, notably those originating from Russian-speaking hacker communities.

Choosing Tashkent for their newest DCRC underlines Group-IB’s recognition of Uzbekistan’s economic significance and its potential to emerge as a global cybersecurity hub. The memorandum signed between the Central Bank of Uzbekistan and Group-IB in August 2023 further emphasizes the collaboration to counter cyberattacks and elevate cybersecurity measures.

Group-IB plans to fortify its engagement with Uzbekistan’s higher education sector, emphasizing investment in the country’s youth and its tech industry.

Dmitry Volkov, CEO of Group-IB, highlighted, “Selecting Tashkent, Uzbekistan as the site for our fifth Digital Crime Resistance Center globally is a strategic move to heighten our understanding of Russian-speaking threat actors. Cybercrime knows no borders, necessitating a comprehensive approach. By establishing a DCRC in Tashkent, Group-IB aims to elevate cybersecurity standards not only in Uzbekistan but across the broader Central Asian region.”


Times of Central Asia