Kazakh and Dutch companies to cooperate in agro production


ASTANA (TCA) — Kazakhstan’s Holding Group Almex and Staay Food Group (the Netherlands) have signed a memorandum on developing projects in the agricultural and food industries of Kazakhstan and on establishing a joint venture Astana Fresh, the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan reported.

In the first phase, the parties will establish cooperation with local farmers by creating a system of distribution of fresh fruit and vegetable products in Kazakhstan and neighboring countries. This initiative will give another momentum to current processes of support to local agricultural producers engaged in growing fruits and vegetables in greenhouses and on open ground. The parties hope that their joint company Astana Fresh will fill a niche between farmers and consumers of agricultural products.

Almex and Staay Food Group also plan to conduct market research, including a study of the possibility of building greenhouses, wholesale and distribution centers and enterprises for processing of fresh fruit and vegetables using the experience and latest technologies of Staay Food Group.

The desire of the parties to cooperate with Kazakh higher education institutions is also important for the purpose of training highly qualified personnel in the field of agriculture and food production, as well as for practical application of the research capacity of Kazakh universities.

JSC Holding Group Almex is a large financial holding company in Kazakhstan.

Staay Food Group specializes in growing and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables. It grows fresh vegetables and fruit, using own fields and private farms in the Netherlands and other countries.

Sergey Kwan