Kazakhstan And Great Britain Discuss Further Cooperation

Kazakhstan and Great Britain will sign a Strategic Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (SPCA) in the near future, it was announced after a February 8th meeting between Kazakhstan’s deputy minister of foreign affairs, Roman Vassilenko, and the British ambassador to Kazakhstan Kathy Leach.

Mr. Vassilenko commented that the SPCA will contribute to the further growth of Kazakh-UK strategic cooperation, and pave the way for new trade and investment links. 

The deputy minister and the British ambassador pointed out the positive evolution of political dialogue between the countries, growth in trade and economic relations, as well as cultural ties. They also spoke of their progress working together in the fields of science and education, including in attracting British universities to take an interest in Kazakhstan.

The United Kingdom is one of Kazakhstan’s most important trade partners and investors, with bilateral trade turnover in 2023 amounting to $1.2bn.