Kyrgyzstan’s Special Services Take On The Drug Mafia

The head of Kyrgyzstan’s National Security Service, Kamchybek Tashiyev, has commented that unless it is curbed, the country’s already highly complex drug situation is likely to be beyond control within ten years.

Speaking at a meeting with heads of Kyrgyzstan’s police departments, Tashiyev said that the number of both drug distributers and drug users has soared recently, largely among people under 25, and growing drug abuse threatens to reduce the contribution that young Kyrgyz can make to the country.

In a move to combat the problem, when evaluating the work of law enforcement agencies, their success in stopping drug trafficking will be factored in. Tashiyev admitted that 12 law enforcement officers have been found to have links to the drug mafia in the past year alone.

According to operational data, drug traffickers have flourished in the online space, using modern technology — even payment goes through electronic wallets.

Tashiyev added: “Drugs which used to be [farmed] have now been replaced by synthetic drugs, and the number of laboratories manufacturing these drugs has increased. Substances are sourced from abroad and the drugs are then manufactured in our country.”

“If the drug situation in the country remains at the same level as it is now, our society will face a big problem in ten years at most. Therefore, all law enforcement agencies must begin a ruthless fight against those who distribute drugs. All measures within the law will be applied to such persons,” Tashiyev emphasized. He demanded special control over schools, universities, nightclubs and cafes.

Kyrgyzstan is considered a transit country for illegal drugs because of its close proximity to Afghanistan. The estimated number of people who use substances on a regular basis has reached 50,000.


Times of Central Asia