Modern tourist zone to be established in Samarkand in Uzbekistan


TASHKENT (TCA) — The Samarkand City tourist zone with modern hotels, cottages, cultural, recreational and entertainment facilities will be created in Uzbekistan’s ancient Silk-Road city of Samarkand in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan which approved measures to accelerate the development of the tourism potential of Samarkand city and Samarkand region in 2017-2019, the Jahon information agency reported.

The document was adopted for further development and raising the efficiency of use of the tourism potential of the Samarkand city and Samarkand region, creation of favorable conditions for wide acquaintance of tourists with the unique objects of historical-cultural and architectural heritage, development of pilgrimage tourism and increasing the flow of tourists-pilgrims, provision of dynamic development for modern tourism infrastructure, and improvement of the quality of tourism, hotel and transport services.

All business entities operating in the territory of the tourist zone, as well as investment companies, are exempt, until 1 January 2020, from the payment of: land tax, profit tax, tax on property of legal entities, tax for accomplishment and development of social infrastructure, single tax payment for microfirms and small enterprises, as well as obligatory deductions to the Republican Road Fund under the Cabinet of Ministers and extra-budgetary fund for development of material-technical base of educational and medical institutions under the Ministry of Finance.

They are also exempt from customs payments for imported equipment, raw materials, and component parts used for their own production needs.

Sergey Kwan