New Multi-Story Buildings in Uzbekistan Now Have to Install Solar Panels

According to the law, there is now a requirement to install solar panels on at least 50% of the free part of roofs of new multi-story buildings, the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan has stated.

The government recently announced a program to encourage the installation of low-power solar panels (up to 50 kW) in households in the regions of the nation. The program provides subsidies to citizens for electrical energy produced by their solar panels. In addition, persons who have installed renewable energy sources are also exempt from land and property tax on plots occupied by such renewable energy devices.

In recent years, Uzbekistan has experienced increasing electricity shortages, especially in the cold winter months, against the background of the country’s growing population and depleting natural gas reserves. This has prompted the government to embark on a large-scale program to introduce wind and solar power plants.

In 2024, Uzbekistan plans to increase the total capacity of solar power plants to 2.6 gigawatts, wind farms to 900 megawatts, and launch energy storage devices with a capacity of 400 megawatts.