Plans Approved to Complete the Gasification of Bishkek within Three Years


Speaking at a briefing on ‘How the authorities want to accelerate the gasification of residential communities in Bishkek’, the Deputy Director General for Economics and Finance of Gazprom Kyrgyzstan LLC, Arzymat Aldayarov stated that it is planned to fully gasify Bishkek within three years.

During the company’s operations so far, 53 settlements have been gasified, 1,250 kilometers of street gas distribution pipelines have been laid, and 53,000 households have been able to connect to gas. This year, the investment program included the possibility of the gasification of residential complexes and villages, but due to the environmental situation and the need to reduce the load on electrical networks, it was decided to carry gas to eleven facilities, including a handful of residential complexes. In part of the points, the supply of blue fuel has already been provided.

“In 2023, we signed a road map with Bishkek City Hall,” the Deputy Director General said. “Within this framework, it is planned to fully complete the gasification of the capital within the next three years. Together with the Cabinet of Ministers, the issue of preferential loans for gasification through state banks has been resolved.”