Qatari Companies to Invest $500m in Kazakhstan’s Agriculture

Companies from Qatar intend to invest in the deep processing of crop produce in Kazakhstan, the Kazakh Ministry of Agriculture has reported. 

The Qatari company Hassad Food, the Turkish company Tiryaki Agro, and Kazakhstan’s National Management Holding, Baiterek, have signed a memorandum of cooperation on the construction of a grain processing plant in Kazakhstan’s northern Akmola region. The project is estimated to cost $200m, and the plant will process up to 250,000 tons of wheat and 100,000 tons of peas per year. Hassad Food has attracted Tiryaki Agro and a Canadian company, Sunrise Foods International, as technical partners. 

Elsewhere, Kazakhstan’s agricultural holding Dinara Group and Qatar National Enterprises have signed a partnership agreement that provides for creation of a joint direct investment fund for the development of the agricultural sector in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

As part of this agreement, Dinara Group plans to scale up existing dairy, meat, and crop production, develop its own breeding stock base and build additional dairy farms, build a milk processing and cheese production plant, and export finished products to China and the Middle East. Qatar’s investment in the project is planned at about $300m. 

Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Agriculture also announced that the country plans to double lamb exports to Qatar in 2024. 


Times of Central Asia