Tajikistan’s National Development Strategy a burden for private sector


DUSHANBE (TCA) — The private sector is considered as the source of almost half of all funds required for implementation of Tajikistan’s National Development Strategy until 2030, Avesta news agency reports.

It was earlier reported that around US $118 billion is required for the Strategy’s implementation, and according to its authors the private sector would provide 47.5 percent or $56 billion of the total amount.  

During the Strategy’s consideration in the lower house of the Tajik parliament on December 1, Parliament Speaker Shukurdjon Zukhurov drew the attention of the Strategy authors to the situation of the Tajik private sector and the difficulties it faces.  

He said that should the taxation of the private sector not be changed and barriers to its development not be eliminated it would be very difficult to achieve the Strategy’s goal.  

“Some entrepreneurs shut down their businesses. We need to change the mentality of state officials. We need a breakthrough in the private sector development, so that entrepreneurs invest in the development of the national economy. In the near future we need to review the laws for the private sector development, including the Tax Code,” the Speaker said.

Some economists believe it will be difficult to attract $56 billion from the private sector during 14 years. The question is whether the private sector has such funds. For instance, for almost one year Tajikistan has not been able to find some $300 million required for saving some large Tajik banks that are on the brink of bankruptcy.

Sergey Kwan