Turkmenistan and EU Discuss Energy, Transport and Environmental Issues

On December 19th, Brussels hosted the 22nd joint committee meeting between Turkmenistan and the European Union. The Turkmenistan delegation, led by the minister of finance and economy, included a deputy minister of education, along with representatives from State Concerns such as Turkmengas and Turkmenhowayollary (Turkmenistan Airlines).

The EU delegation was represented by the deputy managing director for Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the European External Action Service (EEAS) and delegates from various European Commission directorates overseeing international partnerships, trade, energy, transport, climate change, environment, research, and innovation.

Discussions revolved around Turkmenistan’s macroeconomic status and its efforts toward global economic integration, notably focusing on its ambition for World Trade Organization (WTO) membership.

The agenda encompassed energy and environmental concerns, including strategies for gas exports, initiatives targeting methane emission reduction, and the advancement of renewable energy sources, such as hydrogen.

Both parties engaged in dialogue concerning collaboration in transport, education, youth policy, as well as research and innovation.