Turkmenistan and Iran seek wider cooperation


TEHRAN (TCA) — Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says Iran and Turkmenistan need to strengthen cooperation in establishing regional peace and stability and fighting terrorism, extremism and drugs trafficking, Iran’s PressTV news agency reported.  

“The Islamic Republic of Iran always stands by Turkmenistan’s nation and government and we should make use of all opportunities as best as we can to expand relations,” Rouhani said in a meeting with Turkmenistan’s Foreign Minister Rashid Meredov in Tehran on May 7.

Rouhani stressed the importance of boosting cooperation between Iran, Turkmenistan and other regional states and said such multilateral cooperation would increase economic interaction and promote stability, unity and solidarity in the region.

He commended bilateral relations between Tehran and Ashgabat in energy and power sectors and urged the two countries to bolster cooperation in other sectors, including tourism, environment preservation of the Caspian Sea region and determination of its legal regime.

Meredov, who is also the Deputy Chairman of Turkmenistan’s Cabinet of Ministers, hailed Iran’s support for his country at regional and international organizations and bodies and urged enhanced cooperation based on common interests.

In a meeting with Meredov on the same day, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif warned against the spread of extremism which he said would fuel sectarianism in the region.

Zarif said Tehran and Ashgabat enjoy great opportunities to boost cooperation in the battle against extremism, violence, terrorism and drugs smuggling.

The Turkmen foreign minister said that Iran, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan can cooperate in the sectors of water and power which would lead to regional development.

Sergey Kwan