Turkmenistan’s Balkan Shipyard to Partner with Dutch Company


A group of managers from Turkmenistan’s Balkan Shipyard visited the Netherlands recently, and held a number of meetings with local shipbuilding companies, the Turkmen company reported. Balkan Shipyard is interested in constructing dredgers — boats or barges fitted with special machines that are used to deepen existing harbors, rivers, and canals — in Turkmenistan, as well as providing their staff with further training.

The shipyard’s managers discussed the production of an electric dredger with the managements of three Dutch companies: De Klopp BV, Royal IHC and Damen Shipyards Group. As a result of these meetings, Balkan Shipyard has announced that the CSD 650 dredger will be built at a shipyard in Turkmenistan, supervised by engineers from Damen.

In October 2023 managers from the state agency Turkmendeňizderýaýollary (Turkmen Sea and River Roads) discussed with Damen Shipyards Group the possibility of building a dredger at a factory in Turkmenistan.

Additionally, Korea’s Koryo Shipbuilding Industry Technology Co., Ltd. has reportedly transferred some proprietary construction technologies to Balkan Shipyard, which will increase the capacity of the Turkmen factory from four to five vessels per year.