USAID Aids Access to Safe Drinking Water in Tajikistan

A new water supply system to provide safe drinking water for more than 3,000 people across 455 households has been inaugurated in the village of Rohati in Tajikistan’s Rudaki District.

Supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), it is but one of the 12 communities now furnished with rehabilitated water supply systems through public-private partnerships.

To ensure the project’s sustainability, USAID helped Rohati’s private water operator develop a sound business plan for its water system, introduced electronic billing, and assisted with the installation of water meters in households.

Speaking at the opening ceremony on April 12, USAID Tajikistan Mission Director Peter Riley stated, “The U.S. Government believes that everyone has the right to safe drinking water. USAID strives to increase access to safe drinking water across all regions of Tajikistan. Access to safe drinking water is of critical importance to protecting public health, dignity, equity, and our environment and USAID is committed to that goal.”

In the last five years, USAID has rehabilitated and constructed 30 drinking water supply systems throughout Tajikistan, providing more than 100,000 people with safe drinking water.


Times of Central Asia