USAID Helps To Eradicate Tuberculosis In Tajikistan

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), in collaboration with Tajikistan’s Ministry of Health and National Tuberculosis Program, has completed its Eliminating Tuberculosis in Central Asia activity (ETICA) in Tajikistan. Over four years ETICA has made remarkable achievements in the fight against tuberculosis (TB), improving the quality of TB services and enhancing the knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals, the US Embassy in Tajikistan said on February 13th.

ETICA has made significant strides in combating tuberculosis in the country by screening more than 83,000 individuals, including vulnerable and high-risk groups, finding new cases, and putting people suffering from TB on treatment. The activity facilitated the endorsement of evidence-based guidelines and policy protocols for the TB laboratory sector, and primary health and TB care. Supported by USAID, the National Reference Laboratory earned a certificate of excellence in performing modern testing for TB; new shortened regimens were introduced to optimize TB treatment, and the health workforce capacity was built to deliver people-centered, high-quality services. In total, 1,645 medical and 1,392 non-health professionals enhanced their knowledge and skills on the various aspects of TB control.

“The successful completion of the USAID’s ETICA activity in Tajikistan marks a significant milestone in the fight against TB,” said USAID Mission Director Peter Riley. 


Times of Central Asia