Uzbek-Chinese joint venture launches cement plant in Karakalpakstan

TASHKENT (TCA) — The Uzbek-Chinese joint venture Titan-Cement has put into operation a large cement plant in Uzbekistan’s northwestern Karakalpakstan region, the Jahon information agency reported.

At the initial stage the Chinese side had planned to build a plant with a capacity of not more than 60 thousand tons of cement per year; however, in the course of construction it was found out that there was an increased demand for high quality and inexpensive cement in Karakalpakstan. So, the initial capacity of the plant was increased more than threefold already at the stage of the plant’s construction.

The overall cost of the project exceeded $25 million and more than 200 new jobs were created. The modern Chinese equipment installed at the plant allows producing high quality cement in full compliance with international standards. The new plant is looking to export its products to neighboring Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, while the majority of the output will remain in Uzbekistan to satisfy the internal market.

Karakalpakstan is located far away from major cement manufacturing centers in Uzbekistan, and the cost of transportation increases cement prices. The new cement plant will help to make cement in this remote region more affordable.

Uzbekistan has eight cement plants with a total production capacity of more than 8.6 million tons of cement per year. By the end of 2020, Uzbekistan plans to almost double its cement production capacity. By that time the annual cement production would reach 16.7 million tons.

Sergey Kwan