Uzbekistan encourages production and export of fruit and vegetables


TASHKENT (TCA) — The Uzbek President’s decree of April 12 has introduced the state order for the purchase of fresh fruit and vegetables, melons and watermelons, and grapes with the purpose to supply that agricultural produce to processing enterprises, saturate the domestic market, and increase exports, the press service of the President of Uzbekistan said.

Agricultural produce will be purchased by processing enterprises with advance payment to farmers of at least 40 percent of the cost of produce.

Agricultural produce will be purchased at market prices. A specialized foreign-trade company, Uzagroexport, will be responsible for the export of fresh and processed products, with the company’s commission not exceeding one percent.  

The decree has also exempted private companies processing agricultural produce from the customs duties for the import of equipment and technology until 1 January 2019, as well as from the profit tax, property tax, and the tax for micro and small enterprises.  

The decree also tasks to organize in June in Tashkent an International Fruit and Vegetable Fair with the purpose to make contracts for the export of fresh and processed agricultural produce grown in 2016. Uzbekistan will organize annual fairs for agricultural produce with participation of foreign import companies.

After Russia imposed sanctions on the import of agricultural products from Turkey earlier this year, Uzbekistan has been looking to the Russian market for the export of its fruit and vegetables.

Sergey Kwan