Uzbekistan-EU Trade Reaches 5.13 billion Euros

In 2023, the trade turnover between Uzbekistan and the European Union increased by 11% to 5.13 billion euros.

As reported by  EU Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Charlotte Adrian, exports from the EU to the Republic of Uzbekistan amounted to 4.35 billion euros, and imports from Uzbekistan to the EU,  780 million euros.

By way of comparison, she then stated that in 2022,  EU exports to Uzbekistan reached 3.77 billion euros, an increase of 63.9%, and imports from Uzbekistan to the EU rose by 77.1% to 845 million euros, resulting in around 70%  growth of trade turnover.

“Behind these figures,” announced Adrian, ” are stories of how our businesses have made bold decisions to invest in Uzbekistan.”

  This year celebrates the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Uzbekistan and the European Union and on behalf of the EU, the ambassador praised  Uzbekistan’s “ambitious path of reforms” and pledged:   “We will continue to assist Uzbekistan using all the instruments at our disposal, including the Generalized Scheme of Preferences Plus (GSP+). We will also continue to support Uzbekistan’s accession to the World Trade Organization or EPCA (European Petrochemical Association), which will open a new chapter of our partnership.”

She added that by following its the path of reforms, Uzbekistan will create a level playing field which she hoped would encourage more interest from European companies.